Website design features

These goodies come with all websites I create:

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Click. Edit. Publish.

Easiest content management system. Ever.

Easily update/add/delete content in the context of the live website itself (shown in the quick video shown above) via our robust content management system (CMS). And your content automatically stays consistent with the style (design and layout) across all screen sizes. You don’t have to log into some complicated backend open source system here. It's all easy to use and streamlined to your needs. Editing your website via this CMS will stop being a chore and start being — dare I say — fun! And since you'll have access to how visitors are interacting with your website, you'll be able to make even more savvy content-creation decisions.

Here are a few short videos to show you how easy it really is:

Scratch made, just for you.

Custom, handcrafted website design.

Your website design will be 100% built for your individual needs, vision and style. From designing it in Photoshop to making it web-ready in fully compliant HTML/CSS, it's all built on a fun and easy-to-use content management system (CMS). Your website won’t be based off a template that everyone else in the world can buy. And most of the time to make a site both unique and editable, designers hire outside developers to "translate" the designs into a working CMS, but all of that is done in-house by yours truly.

From scratch and fresh-baked. Down to the pixel. Unique. Yep, just like you, you snowflake.

A super sped up (I wish I were that fast!) video I shot showing the process of bringing a once-static page to life in fully compliant HTML/CSS, piece by piece.

Looks great everywhere.

Your website layout auto-adapts to any screen size.

Your website will be 100% responsive so it looks great and loads fast no matter what screen it's being viewed on. I design by hand layouts for your pages so that your website automatically adjusts based on the screen size it's being viewed through. Desktops. Tablets. Smart phones. (I even future-proof for devices that don't even exist yet.) You put in the content and it'll automatically be beautiful. Like some sort of nerdy magic. 

Bulletproof code.

Full CSS3/HTML5 compliance.

I create the architecture of your website on a strong foundation. The underlying structure of your entire website needs to be in the most up-to-date languages to keep it running smoothly and rendering great in all browsers. With this rock-solid foundation of compliant code and blazing fast hosting, you might just mistake your website for a superhero. (By the way, beware those "do it yourself" website builders — they infamously generate horrific code.)

I've got your back(up).

Automated website backups & software updates.

Versions of your website will be automatically backed up after every 20 saves while you make content edits, then daily, weekly and monthly so you will never lose your site or your latest changes. (Think of it like a website insurance policy, but without the slimy sales reps.) And unlike open source alternatives, you won’t need to update any software or plugins to keep the site safe from hackers; it’s done for you automatically behind the scenes! No muss, no fuss. And since it's created with bulletproof code, you've got many layers of protection wherever you look.

Know your visitors.

Comprehensive traffic analytics give you actionable data.

With analytics installed, you can see how many visitors are coming to your site and their behavior once they get there. You can see such things as how long they stay on each page, what links they click (what are your most and least popular pages?), what devices your visitors use (do more people use their iPhone or laptop?) and so much more. (And if analytics data-crunching are your thing, you can get lost in as deep a data rabbit hole as you'd like.) With all this powerful data, how we design your website and how you write your content can be less gut-driven and more data-driven.

Your jet-propelled website.

Blazing fast served from all over the world.

Your hand-crafted website and all its files will be distributed across the globe in a content distribution network (CDN) of 100+ servers worldwide (powered by Fastly and Amazon Cloudfront) with 99.9% uptime. And when hypersonic hosting is coupled with efficient, compliant code your website loads super fast for any visitor, anywhere in the world. Best part is, all you need to manage is the content. All this hosting magic is done for you by the all-powerful hosting fairies. (With full SSL security thrown in to boot!)

No hacks. Guaranteed.

Stay safe with complimentary SSL.

Your website will have many layers of protection. 1) The first layer is that it's built by hand from the ground up. No open source software or templates used (it's all coded from scratch) so no open doors that hackers can slip through. The second layer of protection is that hosting comes with complimentary SSL (secure socket layers). What is SSL? It ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain encrypted and 100% private. Aside from keeping your website secure and safe, Google also loves secure websites, boosting their rankings in its search results.

Automatic inline image resizing

When you upload images to your website, they will always look crisp and great on all devices (and load quick), whether the device is a normal or high-resolution (HiDPI) device since images auto-size based on viewport. (Normally to achieve this, you would need re-size/re-save each image for each viewport.)