Is your messaging

confusing your customers?

Your message is at the core of your brand. Make it easy to understand and magnetizing with strategic messaging.

Want to bridge the divide that can prevent visitors from becoming customers? Strategic messaging is that bridge.

We humans have a natural resistance to change (even the good kind!). This resistance shows up as doubt, fear, avoidance, confusion — in short, “the void.” Strategic messaging creates the trust that’s necessary to cross the void and turn visitors into customers.

How strategic messaging works



Together, we brainstorm through seven categories following a step-by-step storytelling formula that inspires engagement.




Using our brainstorms as the raw materials, we boil down the most resonant messages from each category into a concise outline.




In the end, you have a consolidated, reusable framework to apply across all your marketing to keep it clear and consistent.

Through this process, your brand will be positioned as the answer to your customers‘ problems. When they are invited into a resonant story that clearly solves their painpoints, your marketing becomes magnetizing.

Harness the power of story.

Transform your business.

Is your messaging:

Strategic, following a clear story line?

Consistent across your brand?

Succinct and effective?

Easy to follow?

Avoiding jargon?

Engaging and inspiring?

If not, then you might just need a messaging makeover. Contact me for details.

And what comes after you have your messaging handled? Time to beautify!