High-end homes

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Sunset Grove crafts luxurious homes that have a down-home feel, so I crafted an upscale and welcoming website that is representative of their brand. I then refreshed their logo and collateral pieces to build brand trust.

Website design & development

A more dynamic, engaging online experience

Starting with the website, I structured the content to optimize user engagement, including a dynamic map the client could update themselves to keep everything current. A better experience for both their clients and them meant more efficiency and brand cohesiveness.

A dynamic home map means ultra-easy site updating

Another house just sold? Hooray! The old way meant updating a clunky and frustrating system. (Aaarg!) The new way? No sweat. My client can just toggle the property’s availability to “sold” and publish it live themselves.

Logo redesign & branding

First, perfecting the wordmark

They already had a logo they wanted to keep, but its execution needed some fine-tuning. So I tweaked the letterforms of the wordmark to allow a better visual flow and gave them more options for horizontal and one-color versions.

Next, pulling it all together

After perfecting the letterforms of their wordmark, I gave them more options to use for horizontal and one-color applications across their marketing

Print promo design

Redesigned maps from the ground up

Their collateral pieces needed a refresh to match their upgraded identity, so I redesigned their vicinity map from scratch to hand out to prospects.

Collateral that's in sync with the rest

I revamped all outward-facing communications to sync up with the brand, from magazine advertising to information packets handed to prospects.
“Adrial is fantastic! He blends the artistry of a graphic designer with the technical knowledge of a web developer to create a beautiful, yet functional, website.”
Marketing Manager
Bryan Properties
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