A graphic designer's story

It all started sitting in front of my college guidance counselor. Feeling totally lost.

I didn't know what to choose for a major. It was my Sophomore year at UNC-Chapel Hill and I had to make a decision. She asked me, "What would you do if you didn't have to make a living? What would you do for fun?" ... I told her it would have to be something having to do with art and creativity. She said the Journalism School was #1 in the nation and had a stellar graphic design sequence. I made the decision that moment to be a graphic designer. Well, that was easy.

That's when I fell in love with graphic design.

I spent many, many hours in the basement of the Journalism School of UNC-Chapel Hill creating, learning and working out my mouse-hand, Popeye style. After I graduated from the J school, my first job was laying out ads for what amounted to collegiate yellow pages, then I moved on up to laying out the News of Orange County newspaper, then got a job being the lead web designer and director of email marketing for a sex education company (ooh la la). From there, I joined an ad agency and was responsible for working with some major clients. It wasn't too long after that I started moonlighting taking on side clients (friends, family members) who blossomed into enough work that I had to quit my day job and become a freelancer.

Old skool. Yes, this mac is from the era of the ones that were used in the creativity-soaked computer labs of UNC-Chapel Hill back in 2001.

From there, I never looked back.

Since I made the leap and struck out on my own, I've had the honor and delight to work with 100+ companies, from bootstrapped entrepreneurs to huge institutions (and yes, even UNC-Chapel Hill's own nursing school). I have gotten my hands and creative juices into web design, print design, logo design, email marketing, search engine optimization, and so much more. (Some have called me a "one stop shop" freelance graphic designer.) And if I can't do it for you directly, I can hook you up with a quality person who can.

I also became a life coach and started an online support community to help people heal from shame, including putting on weekend workshops, an online "shame resiliency" training and phone support groups. It currently attracts 125,000+ unique monthly visitors from around the world and continues to help many.

I live in Chapel Hill, NC, with my wonderful, beautiful, lovely wife and our little baby boy.