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How much does a logo cost? (Can a cheap logo hurt your company?)

Your logo is the face of your company. Your logo is the first thing that says "Hi, how can I help?" to your audience. It needs to communicate so much in as simple a way as possible. Because after all, there's a lot that your business represents, but it needs to boil it all down and say it beautifully ... all in a visual mark that will be interpreted at a glance.

Isn't it simple to design a simple logo?

"Simple" doesn't mean easy. Sometimes, ironically, the simplest looking logos (if they're well designed) are the most difficult and time-consuming to create. Why? Because to create a logo right means doing the competitive research, sketching out many different options that could work, narrowing them down to a handful that could work quite well, then ending up with the final one that works the best. So "simple" is a misleading term.

Creating something that is simple yet impactful has many important layers to it.

First, the aggregated time it takes to become a good logo designer needs to be taken into consideration. The process of designing a logo, when done well, involves careful attention to the details and making the mark unique to the company. A good designer has many years of experience being brought to bear. A good designer knows the kinds of logos that work and the kinds of logos that don't by experience and by their perfectionist eye. 

So how much does it cost to design a good logo? 

Another way to ask that question that helps narrow the field when you're searching for logo designers is "How much would it cost my business if I had a really bad logo?" Opportunity cost helps to underline the importance of a logo done well the first time.

Getting your logo professionally designed is an investment for years to come, so be sure to take your time crafting one that represents the very core of what you're offering to the world.

Other ideas to include:

  • "How much can I save on this logo?" vs. "How much can I afford to invest in the face of my business?"